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Wedding Cakes

All our cakes are one of a kind and made, designed and decorated according the requirements of the bridal party or customer. For this reason it is not possible to give an exhaustive list of prices and options.A few options are that cakes can be covered in fondant, fashionable “naked” cakes or finished off with rustic buttercream. They can be decorated with fresh flowers, sugar paste accents, royal icing designs and/or ribbon.

Build your own cake – prices are per tier, including decorations according to each function requirements (toppers, basic sugar paste work, flowers, ribbon, etc). We may charge extra for intricate sugar paste designs.

We will work according to an example picture but ultimately our cakes carry our own design look and feel. We do not make exact replicas of other cakes!

Round Tiers:

10cm diameter 10 portions R380
15cm diameter 15 portions R550
20cm diameter 30 portions R725
25cm diameter 50 portions R880
30cm diameter 65 portions R1050
35cm diameter 100 portions R1700

Flavours and Fillings:

For Fondant covered and tiered cakes

Vanilla sponge infused with vanilla syrup, layered with raspberry preserve and covered with vanilla buttercream

Lemon sponge Madeira infused with Limoncello syrup (or lemon syrup for a non – alcoholic version) layered with lemon curd and covered with lemon buttercream

Rich dark chocolate sponge layered with caramel fudge and covered with fudge icing or chocolate ganache

For single tiered cakes (tea cakes) without fondant

Carrot & walnut cake, layered and covered in orange cream cheese frosting

Red (Blue/Black) Velvet cake layered and covered in white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Persian Love Cake – Delicious Middle Eastern flavours with rosewater and pistachio and orange glaze icing (sugar free option available)

Hummingbird Cake

Old fashioned coffee cake

Strawberry cake

Chat to us if you have special dietary requirements – we can cater for egg free, dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, banting or vegan needs

Square Tiers:

10cm x 10cm 15 portions R550
15cm x 15cm 30 portions R715
20cm x 20cm 60 portions R1020
25cm x 25cm 85 portions R1445
30cm x 30cm 100 portions R1650

Cakes Styles

Delicious 20cm tea cakes for a weekend treat or just for indulgence
In any of our lovely cake flavours

New York style cheesecake

Real cheesecake – Asiago, Gorgonzola, Dalewood rounds of Boland, Camembert and Wineland Blue with bread and preserves

R75 per person

Celebration Cakes

Themed cakes designed & decorated, fondant covered and sugar paste accents, for a special occasion according to a colour or theme, for kids’ parties, special birthdays, christenings etc.
R1375 Single tiered R1925 double tiered

Naked cakes – Three tiered and finished with flowers, fruit & satin ribbon

R2 150


R18 each (R16 each on orders of 80 +)


White/gold – Salted caramel

Tan – Espresso

Brown – Nutella

Yellow – Lemon

Orange – Peanut butter

Lilac – Vanilla

Purple – Liquorice

Light pink – Strawberry

Pink – Rose

Dark pink – Cherry

Green – Pistachio

Aqua – Chilli Chocolate

Blue – Coconut

We also charge a rental/ breakage deposit on our glass macaroon stand to be used in towers  – R750 of which R500 is a refundable deposit on return of the stand to our studio.

This is not applicable on cone stands, which is yours to keep and included in the assembly price.

Additional charge for packaging of macaroons for favours, price determined according to your requirements



Vanilla buttermilk
Red velvet
Rich chocolate
Peanut butter

Cupcakes are between R28 and R50 each, depending on intricacy of design, cases and packaging required.

Corporate Meals

Tailor made for the Boardroom
Starters & Dessert R75 per person
Main course R170 per person

Sweet Platters

Mini Eclairs

Choc Raspberry  Tarts

Petits fours


Iced cookies

Cake pops, donuts, mallow crispie squares, Turkish delight….

R300 per dozen

Can be packaged as wedding favours or thank you gifts at an additional charge

Mason Jar cakes

These are desserts/ cakes in lovely 250ml mason jars. Once sealed with the lids, they keep fresh for more than a week. A lovely alternative for a wedding or special function.
If you would like to keep the jars they cost R80 each, alternatively they cost R60 each with a R500 deposit for the jars, fully refundable if all the jars and lids are returned to our studio after the function.


Lemon meringue pie
Strawberry cheesecake
Red velvet with traditional cream cheese frosting
Double chocolate brownie with sour cherries

Savoury Platters

R300 for a dozen 

The following are menu suggestions:
For a light meal we suggest 4 – 6 savoury bites and 2 sweet bites per guest
For a more substantial dinner, we would suggest 10 – 12 savoury bites and 3 – 4 sweet bites per guest

We can arrange all items on platters for you. A Breakage deposit of R500 for our platters will be included, this is refundable once our undamaged platters are returned to us

Any of our miniature 8cm quiches

Chilled tomato soup shots topped with a mozzarella cherry and basil

Parmesan & black olive shortbreads topped with coriander pesto and goat’s cheese

Cucumber discs topped with horseradish creme and smoked Franschhoek trout

Wrapped tempura style prawns with Sriracha sweet chilli dipping sauce

Spoonfuls with Fragrant Roasted Chicken, Litchi and Mango in a mustard vinaigrette

Charcoal squares with onion marmalade, bacon and brie

Prosciutto & melon skewers

Greek lamb kofta with Tzatziki dip

Asian beef salad spoons



8cm R30 -12cm R55 – 30cm R300

Quiche Lorraine

Spinach, feta, black olive

Cherry tomato, ricotta & basil

Bacon & brie

Smoked trout & dill

Pear, blue cheese & biltong